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WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of websites around the world. One of the features of WordPress is the ability to allow users to have a profile picture or avatar. By default, WordPress uses the Gravatar service to display avatars. However, some website owners may want to use a different service or image as the default avatar for their website. In this article, we will explore how to change the default Gravatar on WordPress.

Steps to Change the Default Gravatar on WordPress:

Navigate to the Settings

Login to your WordPress website and go to the Settings menu on the dashboard.

Navigate to the Settings

Go to Default Avatar section

Click on the Discussion option from the menu. Scroll down to the Default Avatar section and select the option you want to use as the default avatar. WordPress provides some default options such as Mystery Person, Blank, or a Gravatar Logo. If you want to use a custom image, you can upload it using the Custom Avatar option.

Go to Default Avatar section

Save Changes

Save the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button. Refresh your website to see the changes. Your new default avatar will be displayed on your website.


Changing the default Gravatar on WordPress is a simple process that can help personalize your website and make it stand out. Whether you want to use a custom image or a different service, WordPress allows you to make these changes easily from the dashboard. By following the steps outlined above, you can change the default Gravatar on your WordPress website and create a more unique and personalized experience for your users.

Things To Consider When Changing The Default Gravatar On WordPress

Here are some additional things to consider when changing the default Gravatar on WordPress:

Image Size and Format: When choosing a custom image as the default avatar, it is important to consider the size and format of the image. You want the image to be clear and easy to see, but not so large that it slows down your website. In addition, you want to make sure the image is in a compatible format such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Branding: If you are using your website for business purposes, it is important to consider how your default avatar aligns with your branding. You may want to use an image that includes your company logo or colors to help reinforce your brand.

Accessibility: When choosing a default avatar, it is important to consider accessibility. Some users may have visual impairments or other disabilities that make it difficult to see certain types of images. In this case, it is important to choose an image that is easy to see and understand for all users.

User Experience: The default avatar can have an impact on the user experience of your website. You want to choose an image that is friendly and welcoming to your users. This can help encourage engagement and build a sense of community on your website.

By considering these factors, you can choose a default Gravatar that aligns with your brand, is accessible to all users, and creates a positive user experience on your website.

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