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WooCommerce is a popular plugin for WordPress that allows you to create an online store. With WooCommerce, you can customize your store in many ways, including customizing the emails that are sent to customers. Customizing the emails can help you create a unique brand identity and improve customer experience. In this article, we will discuss how to customize WooCommerce emails.

Customizing WooCommerce Emails:

Install an Email Customizer Plugin

The easiest way to customize your WooCommerce emails is by installing an email customizer plugin. There are many email customizer plugins available, such as Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer, WooCommerce Email Customizer, and Email Customizer for WooCommerce.

Customize Email Templates

Once you have installed an email customizer plugin, you can start customizing your email templates. You can change the text, colors, fonts, and images in the email templates to match your brand identity.

Customize Email Templates

Use Shortcodes

Shortcodes are codes that allow you to insert dynamic content into your emails. For example, you can use the [order_total] shortcode to display the order total in the email. WooCommerce provides many shortcodes that you can use to display order details, customer information, and more.

Test Your Emails

After customizing your email templates, it is important to test them to ensure that they look and function as intended. You can use the “Preview” option in the email customizer plugin to see how your emails will look.


Customizing WooCommerce emails can help you create a unique brand identity and improve customer experience. With the help of an email customizer plugin, you can easily customize your email templates, use shortcodes to display dynamic content, and test your emails to ensure that they look and function as intended. By following these tips, you can create professional-looking emails that will help you stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty.

Things To Consider When Customizing WooCommerce Emails

Things to Consider When Customizing WooCommerce Emails:

Brand Identity: When customizing your WooCommerce emails, it is important to consider your brand identity. Your emails should match the look and feel of your website and other marketing materials. Use your brand colors, fonts, and imagery to create a cohesive brand experience.

Customer Experience: Your WooCommerce emails are an important part of the customer experience. Make sure that your emails are easy to read and understand, and that they provide all the necessary information. Use clear and concise language, and make sure that the important details (such as order numbers, shipping information, and product details) are easy to find.

Legal Requirements: When sending emails to customers, there may be legal requirements that you need to follow. For example, you may need to include an unsubscribe link in your emails to comply with anti-spam laws. Make sure that you are aware of any legal requirements and that your emails comply with them.

Compatibility: When customizing your WooCommerce emails, it is important to consider compatibility with different email clients. Your emails should look and function as intended in all email clients, including popular clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Test your emails in different email clients to ensure compatibility.

Future Updates: Finally, keep in mind that WooCommerce updates may affect your custom email templates. Before updating WooCommerce, make sure that your customizations will still work with the new version. Consider keeping a backup of your custom email templates so that you can easily restore them if necessary.

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