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WordPress is a widely-used content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage their own websites. With the help of plugins, users can add additional functionalities to their WordPress site. However, sometimes these plugins may not be available in the user’s preferred language. This is where translation comes in handy. In this article, we will guide you on how to translate a plugin in WordPress.

Check if the plugin is translatable

Before beginning the translation process, make sure that the plugin is translatable. Some plugins are not designed to be translated, and therefore, it may not be possible to translate them. To check if a plugin is translatable, you can look for a “.pot” file in the plugin’s folder. This file contains all the text strings that need to be translated.

Install a translation plugin

WordPress has several translation plugins that can help you translate plugins easily. The most popular translation plugin is WPML. However, there are other free plugins like Loco Translate and Polylang that you can use.

Create a new language for the plugin

After installing the translation plugin, you need to create a new language for the plugin. This can be done by going to the plugin’s settings page and selecting the new language from the drop-down menu.

Create a new language for the plugin

Translate the strings

Once you have created a new language, you can start translating the text strings in the plugin. The translation plugin will display all the text strings that need to be translated. You can then enter the translated text in the provided text field.

Save the translations

After translating the text strings, you need to save the translations. This can be done by clicking on the “Save” button. The translation plugin will then generate a new “.mo” file with the translated strings.


Translating a plugin in WordPress is an important step for users who prefer to use the platform in a language other than English. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can easily translate plugins and ensure that their website is accessible to users who speak different languages. With the help of translation plugins, users can expand the reach of their WordPress site and make it more accessible to a global audience.

Things To Consider When Translating Plugin

Here are some additional things to consider when translating a plugin in WordPress:

Translation quality: It’s important to ensure that the translated text is accurate and contextually correct. Poorly translated text can be confusing for users and can even lead to misunderstandings. If you’re not confident in your translation skills, consider hiring a professional translator.

Plugin updates: When a plugin is updated, it’s important to check if any new text strings have been added. These new strings will also need to be translated to ensure that the plugin is fully translated in the new version.

Compatibility with translation plugins: Some plugins may not be fully compatible with translation plugins, which can make the translation process more difficult. It’s important to check if the translation plugin you plan to use is compatible with the plugin you want to translate.

Text strings outside of the plugin: Some text strings used in a plugin may be pulled from other areas of the WordPress site, such as the theme or other plugins. It’s important to ensure that these text strings are also translated to ensure a consistent user experience across the site.

By considering these additional factors, users can ensure that their translated plugin is of high quality and fully functional, providing a great user experience for all users, regardless of their language.

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